Pride Centre Ambassador

The Victorian Pride Centre will be an iconic, beautiful, safe and inclusive place that will promote equality, diversity, wellbeing, understanding and resilience.

It will be a place of belonging and connection. A destination where the past is acknowledged, the present celebrated and the future shaped.

A light house for generations to come.

Being a Pride Centre Ambassador means that you are committed to the vision of Australia’s first Pride Centre.

Your TO DO LIST as a Pride Centre Ambassador is simple:

  1. Commit to the vision
  2. Like & Follow The Victoria Pride Centre on Facebook or Instagram (help us to reach more people)
  3. Subscribe to our eUpdate, to keep informed and know when there are opportunities to feedback or get involved.
  4. Make a Donation if you can, become a Cornerstone Supporter or Pride Club Member.
  5. Activate your friends – Tell them about the Pride Centre, what it means and what their support would mean.

A Crowdraising Ambassador

You can also become a crowdraising ambassador through our GiveNow program. By registering to crowdraise you can run a series of events or activate your friends to give what they can, so together you are ensuring that LGBTIQ communities and its allies, truly own the centre.

In practical terms, it will contribute to:

  • Ensuring flexible, permanent and professional working spaces for LGBTIQ organisations and groups
  • Creating state of the art historical, social, cultural and artistic spaces
  • 21st Century digital connection and access for the socially & geographically isolated

and a whole lot more.

Click the button below – select create crowdraiser when on the page.

For volunteering opportunities, please contact us directly at

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