Construction Updates

HELLO Fitzroy Street, surrounding neighbours and community

In July 2021, the Victorian Pride Centre opened its doors (albeit, for only a short period before the latest COVID-19 outbreak)! We are very excited to reopen the Centre once restrictions ease.

In the next few months, we will be adding the finishing touches to the Centre, including the fit-out of our rooftop terrace. We will post further updates here on works completed and works in progress โ€“ check back or join our eUpdate for notification of new updates by subscribing here.

Key Contact Details

For general queries regarding: All construction management works, and amenity issues, please email:

Updates on building works

Below you can view updates and other news items related to building Pride.

Frint entrance of Pride Centre

Victorian Pride Centre – Live Stream Event

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived. A significant moment for our LGBTIQ+ communities and you’ll have the best seats in the house. ๐ŸŒˆ Finally catch a glimpse of the long awaited, fabulous Victorian Pride Centre! ๐Ÿ‘‰ Grab your crew (you can have up to 15 visitors at home!) and gather round – we are streaming […]

Photo of Pride Centre CEO standing on the first floor of the centre in yellow hi vis and safety helmet

Building Update – The First Floor

Photo looking up through the atrium at the blue sky taken from the Victorian Pride Centre

Building Update – First look at the Mezzanine Floor

Photo of Jude Munro and Jemma Bates on the building site, sitting at a booth.

Building Update – First look at the Ground Floor

Building Update – The Only Way is Up!

Our motto for 2021 (and In the words of Yazz’ 80’s gay anthem) the only way is up! After a much needed break for everyone, fitting out the Pride Centre continues. Since last month’s building update, the footpath on Fitzroy street frontage has now been reinstalled and work on the front entry continues, timber panelling […]

Building Update – Making our New Home Liveable

Image: Abstract construction photo of some of the Pride Centres arches with windows in place taken by Anne Papadakis in November 2020.

Building Update – Almost water tight!

With Stage 4 restrictions easing in metro Melbourne this month, construction on site increased to 85% which has seen the centre buzzing with contractors. Some of the more detailed work is underway now with ammenities being tiled and looking trendy. Window glazing, electrical and mechanical fit outs, terrace membrane arch installation, and plasterboard lining all […]

Drone footage of pride centre roof with flagpole flying the rainbow pride flag

Building Update – The LOVE Crane is Down!

After 6 weeks in hard lockdown and construction much slower than usual, progress continues. Witnessing the LOVE crane being dissembled was another milestone for us here at the Pride Centre. This means all large, external works are now complete and the main focus is now to fit out the centre internally. The famous flagpole has […]

Building Update – Stage 4 Slowdown

Stage 4 Lockdown came as a necessary measure to keep our community safe, but like most other industries that were still operational it had significant impacts on the overall day to day construction and fit out of the centre. Construction was permitted to continue with only 25% of the usual bodies on site and working […]