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Nomads Outdoors Group – Mixed Naturist Beach Day at Somers

Hosted by
The Nomads Outdoors Group

Sunday, 1 March, 2020
All Day
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Appropriate age/s: For over 18's only
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Somers Beach Parking Area
121 Miramar Rd, Somers,

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Event Description

Enjoy a relaxed day out at the Somers naturist beach.

GRADE | LENGTH | TYPE: Easy 7 km circuit walk. It is a pleasant 3.5 km walk along the beach from the car park in Somers towards Sandy Point to a good setup place in the sand dunes. The sand is fairly firm. Walking time is generally about 55 minutes to the setup place. Most of the beach walk can be done minus clothes once we get past the local dog walkers close to Somers. Of course it is another 3.5 km back to the cars at the end of the day.

This event is for naturists. Enjoy a pleasant relaxing beach day, – walk, swim and sunbake with other fellow naturists. After the beach day we can if desired head to a local hotel for a beer, cool drinks or coffee. The venue will be announced on the day. (Unfortunately we can’t use the Bittern house for nude afternoon tea this year, as we were unable to find a date suitable for both the beach day and the Bittern house. We will try again next year.)

MEETING TIME | LOCATION: 10:30am in the car park at 121 Miramar Rd, Somers. There is no cafe near the meeting place sorry, you will need to bring your coffee with you. (You can get coffee in Bittern at Remuce Cafe or the Bittern Bakery and Cafe).

We plan to depart from the car park for the beach at about 10:45am. If you should miss us, or wish to come at a different time, walk to the side of the car park nearest the beach and go down the steep steps to the beach. At the bottom of the stairs turn left and walk for about 55 minutes and you should find our camp.

TIDE FORECAST: High 5:37am – Low 11:36am – High 6:10pm. As the tide will be coming in in the afternoon, we should try to get off the beach by 4pm otherwise you will be jumping fallen trees in the water – all good fun, but you could get a bit splashed! In that case leave your clothes off until you get almost back to the steps.

MAP REFERENCE: Melway map 194 grid F11 | Google map

DISTANCE | TIME FROM GPO: 86 km, about 1 hour 20 minutes.

COST: There is no charge for this special beach day. However, you should click Get Tickets to register.

FOOD and BEVERAGES: Carry lunch, water and any other food/drinks you may like for the beach day.

APPAREL: Sunscreen, hat, sun glasses, footwear if the sand is hot. Shorts required to get from car park to the naturist beach.

EQUIPMENT: Towel. A picnic blanket with plastic backing or a large plastic sheet is handy, because in some places the grass seeds stick tightly to your towel and are very hard to get out. You may wish to bring a sun shelter. The tea tree provides quite good, but not complete shade cover. Sporting equipment such as a frisbee, tennis ball, larger ball, small cricket bat etc. could be fun.

BOOKING: By Thursday 27th February. Click on Get Tickets to book.

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