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Trauma Informed Yoga

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Tuesday, 28 May, 2019
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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Event details
Cost: Free
This event is for: QTIPOC Queer, Trans and Intersex People of Colour
Appropriate age/s: This is a family friendly event
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Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair accessibile
Low-sensory Low-sensory

100 Drummond Street, Carlton, VIC

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Trauma Informed Yoga

Event Description

Trauma Informed Yoga
For QTIPOC (Queer, Trans and Intersex People of Colour) who have experienced unhealthy relationships and / or family dynamics, family violence and / or intimate partner violence. Held in a low
sensory space. Participate at the level of your capacity on the day. People with disabilities welcome.

Limited spaces.

Please fill out expression of interest here:

To start the class on time please arrive at 11:50am.
If you can no longer attend, please email and let me know. Alternatively, you can call Drummond Street reception at 03 9663 6733 and let reception know to pass the message to me.
If you are running late please call Drummond Street reception at 03 9663 6733 and let someone know.
Enter the first room on the right when you enter the Drummond Street building.

Toilets: There are gender neutral toilets and wheelchair accessible toilets accessible from the foyer. Disability access: There is a ramp from the footpath to the building foyer.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Trauma Informed Yoga?
Trauma informed yoga is different to other traditional types of yoga. During Trauma informed yoga experiencing felt sense in the body and making choices about how you would like to move your body is encouraged over performing poses “correctly”.
While practicing Trauma informed yoga the teacher will not look at the participants, will not touch the participants and will use invitational language.This is not an exercise class, there will not be strenuous poses held for long periods of time.
This will be a gentle class and participants will be offered different options and encouraged to participate as the would like to and at their capacity on the day.
Do I need to know about yoga or practiced yoga before to participate?
No. If you have never practiced yoga before or are unsure of what yoga really is you are welcome. The movements and poses are optional and gentle. You are welcome too, if you have practiced for years.
Are people with disabilities welcome to participate?
Yes. People with and without disabilities are welcome to move their bodies freely in the space on their yoga mat. We would like this to be a non-judgemental space where people can move their bodies as they choose.
Will yoga mats be provided?
Yes, but feel free to bring your own if you like.
What should I wear?
Wear any clothing that you can comfortably move around in, perhaps loose clothing.
Can I eat before yoga?
It is a good idea to eat something light an hour before yoga and to drink water before and after the yoga. Everyone’s bodies and needs are different, and you are encouraged to listen to your body and make choices that are useful to you.
What will the space be like?
The classes will be held in a low sensory space. Please do not wear perfume, body spray or strong-smelling deodorants to this class. The space will be low lit with lamps and no overhead lights. There is air conditioning in the room and we can adjust the temperature during the class for comfortability.
What is the structure of the class?
The structure of the class will be acknowledgement of country, housekeeping, yoga, guided meditation and a wrap up. You are welcome to join us afterwards for chai and vegan, gluten free snacks.
What happens if I need to leave the room?
You can leave at any stage and we will use a thumbs up system to let us know if you would like someone to follow you and have a chat. There will be a practitioner present at each session.
Can I sign up for just one class?
The choice is yours. You can sign up for one class, multiple classes or all classes. Just mark your preferred date(s) on the expression of interest form.
Who can I speak to about access requirements?
If you would like to speak with someone before the class about access inquiries you can email or call me on or you can call Drummond Street reception at 03 9663 6733 and ask to speak with Shukura.

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