“The Pride Centre will be a place that will belong to all of us. Becoming a donor will help make it possible for the whole community to come together to share ideas, collaborate and celebrate our diversity. It will be a legacy for future generations. Make a gift and let’s help each other be a stronger community.”

Lisa Watts

Executive Director, The Conversation

Pride Club Membership

Your annual financial contribution will open the door to special access benefits and the chance to shape the way you interact with other club members, organisations and special events. Membership of the Pride Club will set you apart from the pack. You will receive priority advance notification of news and updates, invites to special events, and a chance to contribute to community forums and Committee events. As a club member you will rub shoulders with community leaders, movers & shakers and scene identities, but more importantly, you will know that you are a vital part of the development and success of the Pride Centre.

Annual fee

  • Waged $50
  • Unwaged $20

“My partner and I are thrilled to see the new Pride Centre in St Kilda unfold. We feel the Centre is long overdue, bringing a much needed cultural hub and gathering place for our community, who have been previously disadvantaged through isolation and inequality. The centre will support a diverse range of projects, propelling us all toward an exciting future. We can’t wait to sign up and help out. ”

Lynn Johnston and Felicity Hardy, St Kilda.

Cornerstone Membership

You can become part of a core group of Victorian Pride Centre supporters as a Cornerstone Member. Only 200 Cornerstone Memberships will be offered. Your annual contribution will give you a front row seat and a back stage pass to the latest news, VIP access to special events, invited dialogue with Pride Centre Committee Members and community leaders. By becoming a Cornerstone Member you will be demonstrating your commitment to the future wellbeing of the LGBTQI community and you will position yourself as a key proponent of equal rights.

Annual fee

  •  $100 per year

“Like racism, homophobia won’t go away this year or next despite same-sex marriage, so the Pride Centre is a welcome new meeting house.”

– Kendall Lovett, age 95.

“We hope and anticipate that the Pride Centre will provide a permanent home for the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) with room to expand and record our history in perpetuity.”

– Mannie De Saxe, age 91.

Foundation Membership and Unit Trust

This is your opportunity to invest in the Victorian Pride Centre. 100 (approx) Foundation Memberships will be offered. Your investment will provide critical financial support to the development of the Pride Centre right now, when we need it, and will be converted to a right to share in the value of the building secured by a mortgage.

In addition to your financial investment, your commitment will set you apart amongst the ranks of the LGBTQI community. If you choose, your generous support will be memorialised in perpetuity and allow you access to a special coterie of likeminded, passionate and equally devoted supporters of our community as well as VIP access to special events and community leaders. In addition to your social outcome return, your investment will be converted to a right to share in the value of the building.

To find out more, ask for our Information Memorandum by contacting the Fundraising Director at

“For me, Foundation membership means 20 years of connection to what I believe will become the loved home of our community – a place for my passionate capital to be invested.  It’s nice to think that the more I patronise the Centre, the more successful it becomes, and the more my investment can grow.”

Stuart Kollmorgen, Deputy Chair, Victorian Pride Centre

Patrons Program

To be launched in 2019/20, the Patrons Program will be your opportunity to contribute to the ongoing prosperity of the Victorian Pride Centre at a very special individual level. As a Pride Centre Patron you will be recognised as an inner-circle supporter of the Pride Centre and you will proudly carry with you the knowledge that you are making a valuable difference to the lives of many members of the LGBTQI community. Foundation Members will be entitled to Gold Patron status as a discounted cost.

For more information contact