Partnering with the Victorian Pride Centre

The Victorian Pride Centre is committed to creating a sustainable, low cost and long term home for many key LGBTIQ organisations and groups.

In order for the Centre to support these groups and reach our goals, we will be looking to the commercial and corporate sector to invest in the Pride Centre through strongly aligned, value based partnerships and sponsorships.

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can play a role in building pride in community and increasing your commitment to inclusion, respect and diversity – read on.


We are committed to building enduring partnerships that will help companies stand out as they engage with, and contribute to the Victorian Pride Centre, our events, spaces, organisation and community.

We appreciate that partnering for both parties is a significant decision and that everyone needs to see measurable returns on their investments. We will work with our partners to ensure unique needs and partnering objectives are realised.

We take this very seriously and our Partnership Agreements begin with a crisply stated set of objectives – these clearly set out what will be accomplished and what success looks like.

These objectives may include metrics for:

  • Brand exposure and amplification.
  • Increased brand trust and loyalty.
  • Flow on effects such as customer referral or sales.

Demonstrating your commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is good for business, it’s good for every one.


Eligibility for each Partnership Tier is based on the commercial value of the partnership. Please contact us to discuss a tailored package of benefits to suit your business needs.


A strictly limited number of Foundation Partnerships are available to Partners to commit to 3+ year partnerships before construction of the Pride Centre is completed. Foundation Partners receive increased benefits and access to the Victorian Pride Centre opening events.


An exclusive opportunity to be the Victorian Pride Centre’s Principal Partner (3-year minimum term).


Tailored opportunities for partners seeking deep engagement with the Victorian Pride Centre and the LGBTIQ community.


Value-for-money on a range of benefits, without the exclusive elements of a Principal or Major Partner.

For further information, please call

03 877 0133

or email