Ground Floor Seating Booth #4


Who doesn’t like a booth?

Providing a spot for friends, lovers and happy solos enjoying time to relax in, these built in, seating booths featuring spotted gum tables and panelling with leather seating will be a popular hang-out place.

Situated on the Ground Floor with a view of the reception area and gallery, it’s a perfect place for you, your partners and friends to be immortalised within the Pride Centre with a plaque on your booth.

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*Your generosity will be acknowledged on our website. Donations of $5,000 and over will be acknowledged on our Honour Board within the Pride Centre. Where an item of $9000 and above has been supported fully by you or your Giving Circle, your name or your group’s name will be, where feasibly possible, declared on a plaque on or near the item you have supported.*

Why this item is important to Philip Vita’s booth

In the spirit of Phily’s shining personality and love for all, we would like to share this opportunity with everyone who would like to have a place that they can visit, share a drink and have a laugh in his name. Feel free to give generously and within your means, as Phily always did himself.

Our Donors

Michael & Nathan Mastrodimos20/09/2020$500.00
Stephen Game20/09/2020$500.00
Grant Rogers20/09/2020$500.00
Anthony Burkitt20/09/2020$500.00
Joelle Vadas10/10/2020$100.00
Paul Clark10/10/2020$200.00
Rodney Hanratty13/10/2020$500.00
John Lam-Po-Tang13/10/2020$500.00
Megan Roberts14/10/2020$100.00
Beata Alfoldi17/10/2020$100.00
Rick Held20/10/2020$200.00
Karen Wallace23/10/2020$100.00
todd cummins28/10/2020$150.00
Liliane Vita, Serge, Helen, Joelle, Guy and Max10/11/2020$3,000.00
James Berlyn15/11/2020$250.00
David Sharpe07/01/2021$500.00
David Austin03/12/2020$500.00
Peter Geracimo07/01/2021$250.00
Barry Lewis07/01/2021$150.00
Tony Fiddes07/01/2021$250.00
Camille Fong Lim07/01/2021$100.00
Gary Sanger07/01/2021$100.00
Amanda Finnis07/01/2021$150.00