Mezzanine Seating


The mezzanine level will host the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) and a Board Room that also serves as a viewing deck for the downstairs Multipurpose Space/Theatre.

The common area outside of these two rooms is a perfect perch for viewing comings and goings on the Ground Floor below.

Support the provision of good quality, durable furniture for people to comfortably lounge on as they watch the queer world go by.

Purchase seating for the Pride Centre today!

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Image: Surface on Unsplash

Why this item is important to Scott Membry’s Fabulous 50th

We are all friends of this amazing human being through many different LGBTIQ+ circles. He gives of his time & talents with leadership & integrity. He has a milestone birthday this year & what would be more fitting than to honour his life & legacy with a gift to our Victorian Pride Centre. Please join us to make this a reality for our dear friend Scott Membry!

Our Donors

Deborah Storz12/02/2021$250.00
Tim Arundell12/02/2021$50.00
Gae Petersen14/02/2021$100.00
Christina Cheah15/02/2021$200.00
Sanjeev Singh15/02/2021$100.00
Daniel Neal16/02/2021$200.00
John Lovett16/02/2021$50.00
Faye McCrow19/02/2021$100.00
Samuel Parsons21/02/2021$100.00
Deborah Storz24/03/2021$50.00
Deborah Storz15/04/2021$50.00