Theatrette Stage Lighting System


The Multipurpose Space/Theatrette will be a rare thing – a place dedicated to LGBTIQ+ performances and events. It deserves fabulous lighting for our fabulous community!

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The Multipurpose Space/Theatrette on the Ground Floor will be a significant gathering space for Melbourne’s LGBTIQ+ community. It will be a flexible space for performances, conferences, fitness classes, religious services, weddings, parties…..

We need a brilliant lighting system to do justice to the talent and activities of the LGBTIQ+ community and to optimise events for the benefit of both in house and remote audiences.

It’s a large undertaking to equip a performance events space in one go but with the generous support and vision of our community we aim to have the best run and equipped space that will take us into the future.

 Images are indicative only.

Image: Billetto on Unsplash