Embodiment Coaching with Holly Rowan


Beautiful people of Melbourne,

Are you feeling in need of some self-care or feeling a bit stuck in getting your needs and wants met in your life? Need someone to talk to who understands, celebrates and supports gender non-conforming/queer/poly lifestyles? I believe, with increased awareness of our thoughts, emotions, intuition and body, we can all become the truest expression of ourselves and live the most fulfilling life that we deserve.

Embodiment Coaching Sessions & Prices

I offer 60 minute – 1:1 embodiment sessions both in person/online to support your personal growth and to holistically work through any blocks holding you back from being your most authentic self. In our sessions I provide a trauma-informed, queer/poly friendly container for you to explore your body, mind and spirit. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and goals. I work with your preferred learning/communication styles and treat sessions as a non-hierarchal, co-exploration, meaning that sometimes I may share some of my own relatable personal experiences when appropriate to help with your journey. You will be provided with reliable embodiment tools and you will also have the opportunity to discover and create your own unique tools along the way.

Feel free to book a free 30-minute call with me to learn more!

Single session – $100

6 sessions up front – $500

Concession $75 (1 space available)

Common areas where embodiment coaching can help you flourish:

  • Decision-making
  • Your personal boundaries
  • Emotional regulation
  • Your body sensation awareness
  • Self esteem
  • Your gender identity and expression
  • Your sexuality and expression
  • Relationship to your intuition
  • Your self care routine
  • Your patterns in sex/relationships/dating (LGBTQIA/Hetero/Poly/Mono)
  • Friendships
  • Family relationships
  • Your eating & exercise
  • Relationship to creativity and spirituality
  • Your alcohol & drug intake
  • The work-life balance
  • Your relationship to nature
  • Patterns of addiction

So… what is embodiment? 

I define embodiment as our unique lived experience of how the body, mind and spirit are connecting to each other in the present moment. In our fast and demanding world, it’s all too easy to let the mind dominate and forget about the body, leaving us often in a constant state of imbalance. This is why embodiment coaching can be a powerful modality: your body, mind and spirit are invited into the space to develop more self-awareness, to reclaim a sense of balance, to restore personal choice and to feel more in control of all parts of your being.

The embodied modalities I use in sessions are:

  • meditation
  • breath
  • talking
  • centring
  • guided movement/intuitive movement tasks to music/silence
  • creative writing/drawing/painting
  • 4 elements framework
  • voice activation through chanting
  • embodied yoga principles poses
  • altar building
  • nature connection exercises


Holly is a non-binary performer and embodiment coach, originally from London, UK, who’s background has predominantly been in the Arts and community work. After choosing the recovery path from their own mental, physical and spiritual challenges in their teens and early twenties, they decided to engage in a career path that allowed them to use their gifts and discoveries to help others. They believe that creativity, spirituality and embodiment practices are inseparable ingredients to building more vitality, connection and joy into people’s lives. They have previously worked creatively in a variety of educational settings; forest schools and special needs schools, working with children of all ages (specialising in visual impairment and autism). They have also worked as a therapeutic support worker for teenagers with issues like codependency, addiction and eating disorders in rehabilitation services and gave regular PSHE talks in schools across the UK for the Drug and Alcohol Educational Services. This was followed by outreach work for St Mungos charity, where they supported rough sleeping clients to find support and housing in London.

They trained as an embodiment coach with Embodiment Unlimited and since then they have enjoyed working with both 1:1 clients and groups which included becoming a regular Ecstatic dance facilitator with Ecstatic Dance UK, facilitating Eco-creative day retreats in Hampstead Heath and leading regular 4-elements dance journeys while travelling in both Nepal and India.

Holly has most recently been training in Dance and Physical theatre in India and has been so inspired by performing alongside the queer communities and organisations out there. This beautiful exchange really reminded them that supporting fellow queer people to share their unique gifts with the world is Holly’s primary mission. Whilst in Melbourne they will be working towards their queer clown and physical theatre solo show ‘My Queer Spiritual Entropy’ which will be featuring in Melbourne fringe 2023 in October! They will also hopefully be running some regular embodiment circles in Melbourne soon so stay tuned!

We are registered as: Sole Trader.

More details

LGBTIQ Owned and Operated: Yes
Qualifications: Qualified Embodiment Coach with Embodiment Unlimited
Facilitator training with Clean Break, London
Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, London
3 Month Body & Performance Training with Moving Parts, India
Reiki Practitioner Levels I and II
Therapeutic Support Worker at Archangel Retreat (rehabilitation services) UK
2 years experience working with young people with sensory impairments & disability
First Class Honours in Fine Art BA
A levels: Dance, Psychology and Biology
Service Delivery Format:
  • - Face-to-face
  • - Online forum/Group
  • - Phone
  • - Email
Service Delivery Location:
  • - Melbourne CBD
  • - Metro South

Cost: $$
Opening Times: Normal Business Hours


Wheel Chair accessible
Sight Impaired
Cognitive Sensibility

How to contact us

Contact Name: Holly Rowan
Phone Number: 0423879325
Email Address: holly.fa.gardner1994@gmail.com

4 Wenden Grove
St Kilda East
Victoria 3183
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