Melbourne Gay Men 40+ Support Group


Welcome to the Melbourne 40+ gay men support group!

My name is Steven Cabral and I am a trained group facilitator and counsellor. The idea for this support group was born out of a gap in community service that I observed where mature aged gay men could share and relate to each other in midlife. I found that most of the services seem geared towards the younger generation and rightly so, but I feel there is a particular experience in middle age and onwards that needs to be honoured, supported, and acknowledged.

As we transition into a different phase of life, we are faced with a different set of challenges. It is my belief, from my own experience, that some of these are directly, but not exclusively, tied to our sexuality and how that can influence self-actualisation later in life.

Some of us may be carrying trauma from a time where we weren’t as readily accepted. This may be seeping through other areas of our life and affecting our beliefs of self-worth and love, completely unbeknownst to us. Some of us may be feeling alone at this phase in our lives because we didn’t follow the well worn societal map followed by the majority; such as having kids and partners. As a result, we may feel alone in a peer groups or especially within our own families. Some of us may simply be struggling to navigate this new phase and all that it entails ranging from dating in middle age to bigger questions of how to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Some of us may be dealing with grief.

If any of this resonates with you, then I want you to know that you are not alone. My hope for the group is that you feel a sense of belonging and shared experience. That, in of itself, can be extremely healing.

The group is not a substitute for therapy, but a safe space to share and connect with others on a similar journey and to find inspiration.

The group is specifically targeted to gay men who are aged 40+ due to the topics covered. Due to the limitations of the space and the need to keep it intimate, there is a maximum of 10 attendees.

We are registered as: Not Applicable.

More details

LGBTIQ Owned and Operated: Yes
Qualifications: I am a qualified counsellor and group facilitator. I have volunteered at ADAVIC and run their support groups for a year and also run groups as part of my role as a Recovery Worker at Wellways.
Service Delivery Format:
  • - Face-to-face
Service Delivery Location:
  • - Metro North

Cost: $
Opening Times: Mon 7:30pm - 9pm every fortnight


Wheel Chair accessible

How to contact us

Contact Name: Steven Cabral
Phone Number: +61476166192
Email Address:

Necchi East Coburg Neighbourhood House
32 Nicholson St
Victoria 3058
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