Bank Australia

Your Home can help build Our Home

We’re building pride in our community, brick by brick, with the Victorian Pride Centre.

The Victorian Pride Centre has partnered with Bank Australia to offer its supporters the opportunity to contribute to the Pride Centre through switching your mortgage.

Bank Australia will make a contribution to the Victorian Pride Centre for every person who switches their home loan, or takes out a new home loan, at no cost to you.

If you’ve been looking for a way to support us, your home could be the answer.

How does it work?

For every person who switches their home loan, or takes out a new home loan, Bank Australia will contribute 0.4% of the value of the home loan (new or refinanced) to the Victorian Price Centre.

That’s the equivalent of a $2,000 donation on an average home loan of $500,000, at no cost to you.

For the contribution to be made:

  1. Call or make an online enquiry to talk with a BA representative (if calling, make sure you mention the Victorian Pride Centre).
  2. Provide details regarding your current loan or proposed loan
  3. Decide if the rate/deal is right for you
  4. Apply

If, after you’ve crunched all the numbers and your application is approved, the Pride Centre will automatically receive the contribution from Bank Australia.

It’s that simple.

Changing your home loan or taking out a home loan is a big call, so is donating when funds are tight.

If this works for you, your home can help build an iconic, beautiful, safe and inclusive home for LGBTIQ communities.

We want the LGBTIQ community to truly own the Pride Centre and your home is one of the ways we can make this vision a reality.

Why we have partnered with Bank Australia

Bank Australia is the official lender for the Victorian Pride Centre, in a unique partnership that’s benefitting both organisations.

Through their partnership with us, Bank Australia has increased their commitment to inclusive practice, changing their systems to better reflect our diverse and vibrant community, and supporting their staff-led Pride network – GLOW – which has over 60 members.

Find out more about Australia’s first customer owned bank that puts people before profit.