Visual Arts at the Pride Centre

Visual Arts Programming at the Victorian Pride Centre

It’s a rare thing to have a space dedicated to LGBTIQ+ culture and it is with immense excitement and pride that we launch the visual arts programming at the Pride Centre. The Pride Centre will provide opportunities for visual arts and archival display through programming, Pride Gallery exhibitions and display of art in other suitable spaces in the Pride Centre. Our visual arts programming will focus on art by LGBTIQ+ artists and/or art that focuses on LGBTIQ+ issues. We hope to see visual arts exhibitions, installations and happenings that delight, celebrate, educate and provoke audiences.

A Visual Arts Working Group has been recruited through EOI and these volunteers will collaborate with the Pride Centre to program visual arts at the Centre.

For further information please contact us via email:

Current exhibition:
identity, adornment, transformation (July – Nov, 2021)

Curator Mish Eisen brings Indigenous LGBTIQ+ artists Jenna Lee, Clint Lingard, Paul McCann, Dylan Mooney and Peter Waples-Crowe together to create identity, adornment, transformation. The exhibition explores notions around discovery of identity, resonance of adornment and bearings of transformation from a LGBTIQ+ Indigenous contemporary lens.

Peter Waples-Crowe
The Sky People
mixed media on paper, bound book
18 x 288 cm
Paul McCann
Gumnut Mask
eucalyptus gumnuts, feathers, paint
Jenna Lee
Self: Adorned (series)
Pages of ‘Aboriginal words and Place names’, Chinese knotting cord, bookbinding thread, entomology display case,
entomology display pins. Acrylic photo mount
21 x 29.3 cm