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Bryce Pace – Autism Advocate, is a small autism consultancy business located in Melbourne, Victoria. Bryce Pace – Autism Advocate was created in April 2016 when Bryce as a year 11 student wrote a facebook post discussing his disappointment in how his peers were using autism as a derogatory, and also revealing his own diagnosis. Bryce Pace – Autism Advocate believes a world that accepts, embraces and includes autism is possible, we just need to work towards this goal.

Bryce Pace – Autism Advocate works towards this goal through providing communities, throughout Victoria with innovative interactive autism workshops. In addition to workshops we also provide environmental audits, public speaking, consultancy and other projects that assist autistics and their families to access much needed resources and support.

About Bryce Pace

Bryce is an award winning autism advocate who is passionate about creating a world that accepts, Includes and embraces human diversity. Bryce was diagnosed with autism at the age of 8 and in 2022 publicly came out as bisexual in his blog post on Autism & Sexuality published on his business’ website.

 In 2016 Bryce founded his autism consultancy business Bryce Pace – Autism advocate with the goal of changing the stigma that surrounds the autism spectrum. Since then Bryce has had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of organisations including Dylan Alcott’s Consultancy organisation, Get Skilled Access. Through his involvement with these organisations he has facilitated workshops around autism and disability access, performed environmental audits and represented the autism community on panels at conferences. He has also participated in focus groups throughout Australia contributing to the creation of a world that is accessible to all.

We are registered as: Sole Trader.

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LGBTIQ Owned and Operated: Yes
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  • - All of Victoria

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Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

How to contact us

Contact Name: Bryce Pace
Phone Number: 0447619496
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