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The Victorian Pride Centre provides flexible, multi-use spaces for the community. Spaces available to book include meeting rooms, boardrooms, co-working desks, theatrette, and gallery area.

Find out more about how our bookings team can accommodate your next event or meeting in any of the below spaces by pressing the ‘More info’ button. We look forward to welcoming you to our fabulous community hub!

Please note that we are not taking new function space bookings until March. Meeting room bookings and co-working desks are still available during this time.

Important information about booking at the Pride Centre

  • Meeting rooms must be hired for a minimum of one hour, please include your bump in and bump out time in your booking request.
  • Event spaces have minimum booking times, please see the listing below for each event space for further information.
  • Submitting a booking request does not place you under any obligation to hire a space at the Pride Centre. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to discuss the request and provide an itemised quote.  
  • For meeting rooms, we require up-front payment of  the full hire fee and any Bond Fees before a booking can be confirmed. Event space bookings require a 25% deposit and signed Venue Hire Agreement to confirm your booking. 
  • Additional charges may apply in some circumstances, please see our fees and charges page.   
  • We have a cancellation policy, please make sure you are familiar with this policy before booking, you can find more information in our FAQs.  
  • Bookings at the Pride Centre will be managed in line with our Booking Policy. Hirers of all spaces at the Pride Centre must comply with our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.  
  • Please note that enquiries will be responded to within 3 business days

Learn more about our Fees or read our FAQs

Please note that bookings for 2022 may be subject to changing guidelines dependent on COVID-19 restrictions by the Victorian Government.

Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces


Standard layout: Boardroom,  

Equipment: 65 inch TV monitor, Logitech videoconferencing, 4 folding tables, 12 chairs 

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 12

Mezzanine Room

Standard layout: Boardroom 

Equipment: 4 folding tables, 12 chairs, 65-inch TV monitor, Logitech videoconferencing  

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 12

Meeting Room 01

Equipment: TV monitor, Logitech videoconferencing, table, 5 chairs  

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 5 

Meeting Room 02

Equipment: TV monitor, Logitech videoconferencing, table, 6 chairs

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 6 

Meeting Room 03

Equipment: TV monitor, Logitech videoconferencing, table, 6 chairs  

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 6 

Meeting Room 04

Equipment: TV monitor, Logitech videoconferencing, table, 10 chairs

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 10

Co-working Desks

20 Available

Equipment: Wifi, Adjustable sit-stand desk, power board, ergonomic office chair

Theatrette / Multipurpose Space

Equipment: Projection and AV system, velvet black out curtains

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 120

Activity Room

Equipment: Couch, beanbag, outdoor tables and chairs, PlayStation 4. 
Standard Room Layout Capacity: Flexible

Rooftop Terrace

Equipment: outdoor furniture

Standard Room Layout Capacity: 250

The Forum

Equipment: movable couches, seating, long table, cafe tables and fixed lounge booths

Standard layout: 250