Better Health Network

Better Health Network (formerly Star Health, newly amalgamated Central Bayside Community Health Services & Connect Health & Community) is a leading health organisation for people of all ages across Melbourne. We offer GP, Dental, Mental Health, Family Violence, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Counselling and Diabetes Education services and more.

Who we are


Formerly known as Inner South Community Health, the organisation has been a leading not-for-profit health service in the inner south and beyond for over 40 years, this legacy will continue into the future with Star Health.

Our vision is simple – Health and wellbeing for all, and we strive for this by providing coordinated care when and where needed so our consumers can achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

What we do

In all aspects of our work, Star Health upholds the following values:

Inclusiveness: Valuing everyone, embracing diversity and encouraging participation.

Empowerment: Working with people to build their attributes, capabilities and capacity to manage their lives.

Equity: Ensuring all achieve equitable health and wellbeing outcomes, regardless of life circumstances and economic status.

Social Justice and Human Rights: Respecting and promoting the dignity of all individuals and advocating to ensure equality of opportunity to a just and fair life.

Accountability: Making our ways of working open, honest and transparent, and taking responsibility for our actions.

Learning and Innovating: Consciously learning and innovating to improve our work and achieve our vision.