About the Centre

The Victorian Pride Centre is the first purpose-built centre for Australia's LGBTIQ+ communities. It is a place to pave new directions for LGBTIQ+ communities, while honouring and celebrating their brave – and at times difficult – past. It is home to practical and supportive services and will grow into a destination for visitors from across Australia, and beyond.

The Victorian Pride Centre houses major and important LGBTIQ+ resident organisations, and provides flexible and multi-use spaces for hire, including, meeting rooms, rooftop terrace, co-working spaces, a theatrette and gallery.

The Centre serves as a hub for LGBTIQ+ groups and organisations to share ideas and resources and to further their work in supporting equality, diversity and inclusion across the state.

We have an amazing team working hard behind the scenes who have made the Victorian Pride Centre a reality – Meet our people.

The Victorian Pride Centre is sustained by the generous donations from our communities, as well as our amazing Patrons, and those who contribute to our Pride Registry, we thank you for your ongoing support of Australia’s first purpose-built LGBTIQ+ Pride Centre.


Our Vision

A world where every LGBTIQ+ person has a place where we are welcomed, valued, respected and celebrated.

Our Purpose 

To connect, support and amplify LGBTIQ+ voices, resources, services and groups so that our communities are cohesive, resilient and thrive.

Our Values

Pride – We value pride, courage and strength. Together we can create a positive future.
Support – We support each other, inclusive of each other and value our diversity.
Celebration – We celebrate our LGBTIQ+ communities, honouring our history and our cultures.
Belonging – We welcome all to a place of acceptance, belonging, reconciliation and kindness.

Funding and acknowledgements

The Victorian Pride Centre was part funded by the State Government who in 2016 contributed to the construction of the facility to showcase LGBTIQ+ art and history as well as bringing together advisory, health and support services.

The Pride Centre is also fortunate and extremely thankful to have had the support of the City of Port Phillip, which has gifted the community the land for the Pride Centre.

We also need your support, please click here to see how you can help to shape the future for LGBTIQ+ people in Victoria.

For a look at what we have achieved and where we are going, you can open our Annual Reports and new Strategic Plan here:

Strategic Plan

Download our 2021 – 2024 Strategic Plan

Annual Reports

Download our 2022/23 Annual Report

Download our 2021/22 Annual Report

Download our 2020/21 Annual Report

Download 2020 VPC and Minus18 Next Generation Pride Report

Download our 2019/20 Annual Report

Download our 2018/19 Financial Report

Download our 2017/18 Annual Report 

Download our 2016/17 Financial Report

Awards & Recognition



Award of the Year

Winner – Brearley Architects + Urbanists (BAU) / Grant Amon Architects (GAA) / WSP / Peter Felicetti


Team of the Year Award
Winner  Hansen Yuncken (2022)


The William Wardell Award
Winner – Brearley Architects and Urbanists and Grant Amon Architects


Public and Institutional Award
Winner – Brearley Architects and Urbanists and Grant Amon Architects