Patrons Program

The Patrons Program is your opportunity to significantly contribute to the ongoing prosperity of the Victorian Pride Centre at a very special individual level. As a Pride Patron you will be recognised as an inner-circle supporter of the Pride Centre and you will proudly carry with you the knowledge that you are making a valuable difference to the lives of many members of the LGBTIQ community.

“Melbourne will soon get a Pride Centre that will make us all proud. More than just validation, this new centre will support our community in so many nurturing and nourishing ways. I’m so excited and so proud that our government and community have had the foresight and cleverness to get this happening. Let’s all get behind this brilliant Centre.”

Adam Elliott, Academy Award Winning Animation Director

The Patrons program is a yearly donation, with a minimum of three years, from Pride Centre supporters.

The Pride Centre Patron levels are:

  • Platinum Pride Patron – $10,000 per annum
  • Gold Pride Patron – $6,000 per annum
  • Silver Pride Patron – $4,000 per annum
  • Bronze Pride Patron – $2,000 per annum

The above donations are for individuals only. If couples would like to become a joint Patron please add 50% to your membership fee. For example, a Silver Pride Patron membership as an individual is $4,000 per annum and as a couple it is $6,000 per annum.

Pride Centre Founders who invest $50,000 will be entitled to a Platinum Pride Patron membership by paying $2,000 yearly. Founders who invest $25,000 will be entitled to a Platinum Pride Patron membership by paying $4,000 yearly.

Patrons can elect to pay their memberships in instalments or as a lump sum.

The benefits to becoming a Patron are:

  • Through our DGR status, you will receive a statement for tax purposes on receipt of your annual donation.
  • You will be recognised within the Pride Centre on our Honour Board and website, depending on your wishes.
  • All Patrons will be invited to Pride Centre events (minimum of one event per year) including the Grand Opening of the Victorian Pride Centre, which we anticipate will be in late 2020.
  • Patrons will be invited to a yearly event where Pride Ambassadors and/or the Organisational Patron will be in attendance.

To learn more about our Patrons Program, contact us HERE