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Nomads Outdoors Group – Naturist Walk & Swim – New western route to Djerriwarrh Reservoir, Toolern Vale

February 25, 2023

Enjoy a pleasant naturist bushwalk, on a new walking route from the western side of the reservoir, through the Pyrete Forest to get great views of the reservoir and have a skinny dip if it’s hot.

GRADE | LENGTH | TYPE: Moderate 9.5 km walk. The route is generally undulating on walking tracks, 4WD tracks and kangaroo pads. There is the occasional short steep spot.

ACTIVITY DESCRIPTION: This event is for Naturists. We will meet at the very countrified Toolern Vale General Store for coffee, snacks and a chance to catch up with each other. From there we will carpool 10 km to the start of the walk. Once into the forest we can remove our gear and enjoy our naturist bushwalking. We will have our lunch along the way and there will be the opportunity for a swim when we reach the reservoir. Later we will return to the cars. As the General Store will probably be closed by then, we can if desired drive 9 km to Mac’s Hotel at 322-332 High St, Melton for a cool drink, coffee and snacks. If you’re hungry you can also get meals there in the bistro or the bar.