LOVE wins

The Love Crane pips Pride

The votes were caste and Love came out on top in the end. While not the most original, it certainly says a lot about what’s important to our community.

Over 200 community members had their say with 88 choosing Love versus 77 picking Pride. Pokeys had a decent showing but couldn’t compete with the likes of Love.

Thanks to everyone who voted and also to those who left additional feedback and thoughts on why you choose what you did.

We learnt a lot about what’s important to you and are now busy thinking up the next bit of construction equipment we can call our own.

The crane is due on site at the end of August and we’ll be looking forward to switching the lights on and seeing the Love lite up in Rainbow colours.

To have your say, feed back or just share the love – contact us

The word Love - with the O in the shape of a heart, coloured in pride colours.
Love, Love is Love, No Hate 
Many of you choose a theme close to all our hearts! So we couldn’t go past this suggestion which included the recommendation of the heart in place of the ‘O’ in love. No matter what language you speak, you’ll know we’re building something pretty special on Fitzroy Street.