Country Roads to Pride

Portrait of Xin (they/them) in Bendigo photo by James Mepham

(March – May 2022)

Country Roads to Pride celebrates the journeys that some trans and gender diverse people make to feel at home. Presented by Transgender Victoria and showing at the Pride Gallery until mid-May 2022.

“We live and thrive in many spaces outside the city, although that is where we may be most visible. We ask to be welcomed and affirmed wherever we grow and invite you to be part of our journey.”

Using art and visibility to combat the isolation and disconnection experienced by trans and gender diverse people who live in rural and regional areas, Country Roads to Pride is a hybrid exhibition, including a series of photographic portraits by James Mepham viewable both online and in-person at the Victorian Pride Centre.

Supported by Ballarat Community Health, the Midsumma Festival Melbourne Pride 2022 Road to Pride Regional Activations program, and the TGDiCH Trans & Gender Diverse People in Community Health consortia, the project has created peer-to-peer connection and visibility to bust the misconception that trans people only come from, or only thrive in, the big cities, and working towards a world where gender diverse people can be included and celebrated wherever they call home, wherever they come from!

Thank you to all the participants and photographer for bringing this project to life – we are proud to show this exhibition!

If you’re unable to visit the Pride Centre in person, head to
Image: Xin (they/them) Bendigo | Dja Dja Wurrung Country