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$500.00 / year

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It’s that time of year, we need your help to reach our communities!

We aim to welcome 500 members into our new and inclusive 500 Club by the end of June, and we want YOU to help us reach our goal.  

By joining the 500 Club, you’ll be investing in our ambitious plans for FY 2024-2025. We’re gearing up to activate your Pride Centre with a staggering 500 events, for all and more parts of our communities. Your support will fuel these initiatives, empowering us to create meaningful experiences, foster connections, and celebrate together with more concerts, theatre shows, art exhibitions and social activities. Your gift goes to: 

  • 500 Paid Opportunities: Supporting queer artists to showcase their work at the Pride Centre
  • 35% Free Events: Keeping at least 35% of our events free for everyone.
  • Enhanced Security: Ensuring the safety of our communities with stronger security measures.
  • Expanded Programming: Offering more visual arts and Pride Gallery programs.

And… If we can rally together and reach 500 members before the end of June, we’ll throw an unforgettable party for our 500 Club members and their guest! 

But of course, it’s not just about the party – your contribution will directly support our vision of an inclusive, welcoming, and vibrant Pride Centre, and our diverse communities who visit, play, and work here

The Pride Centre receives no recurrent funding, so we rely on support from the communities to keep the centre thriving and accessible to our important community groups and resident organisations. So if you can, join our mission and become a member of the 500 Club today! 

The cost of living (or running a Centre) is not lost on us, so please, if you’re not able to show your support financially we would love for you to share our crusade with your networks. Your contribution isn’t just a membership – it’s a statement of solidarity, a commitment to our shared values, and an investment in a brighter, more inclusive future.