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Doctors and mental health professionals for LBQ women

WIGgle On Hair Studio

Synthetic Wigs


Quitline counsellors can chat to you about stopping smoking in a culturally appropriate and accessible way.

Elevate: LGBTQIA+ Peer wellbeing support

LGBTQIA+ Peer wellbeing support and service guidance

Glamourhead Sharks Swimming

Swimming Sport Fitness Fun


Trans and gender diverse experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Tom Morley

Queer friendly GP.

Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Services (SHIPS)

Sex, intimacy & mental health treatment

The Space

Melton region LGBTIQA+ youth social support

Australian LGBTIQ+ and Jewish communities respond to COVID-19

A collection of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from the Australian LGBTIQ+ and Jewish communities.

Rainbow Health Victoria COVID19 Resources

a library of research and resources to help individuals and organisations to develop services that are inclusive for LGBTIQ staff and clients.

DocDir – directory of LGBTIQ+ friendly doctors

DocDir is Australia's national directory of LGBTIQ+ friendly clinicians