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WIGgle On Hair Studio

Synthetic Wigs


Quitline counsellors can chat to you about stopping smoking in a culturally appropriate and accessible way.

Elevate: LGBTQIA+ Peer wellbeing support

LGBTQIA+ Peer wellbeing support and service guidance

Glamourhead Sharks Swimming

Swimming Sport Fitness Fun

Fearless Movement Collective

Queer and TGD Affirming Online Fitness Training


Trans and gender diverse experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Tom Morley

Queer friendly GP.

Sexual Health and Intimacy Psychological Services (SHIPS)

Sex, intimacy & mental health treatment

The Space

Melton region LGBTIQA+ youth social support

Australian LGBTIQ+ and Jewish communities respond to COVID-19

A collection of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic from the Australian LGBTIQ+ and Jewish communities.

Rainbow Health Victoria COVID19 Resources

a library of research and resources to help individuals and organisations to develop services that are inclusive for LGBTIQ staff and clients.

DocDir – directory of LGBTIQ+ friendly doctors

DocDir is Australia's national directory of LGBTIQ+ friendly clinicians