Alice’s Garage


Alice’s Garage is a social enterprise empowering LGBTI Elders. We strengthen the voices of LGBTI Elders, draw on their knowledge and skills to address the challenges they face and build communities where LGBTIphobia and ageism are addressed.

Our purpose is to address the inequalities LGBTI Elders face related to ageism and the legacies of our LGBTIphobic histories.

Our vision is to build a sense of Place, belonging and community connection for LGBTI Elders – and to inspire others to do the same.

Alice’s Garage is part of the Celebrate Ageing Program, a social enterprise challenging ageism and building respect for older people.

We are a part of Celebrate Ageing, who are registered as a: Sole Trader.

More details

LGBTIQ Owned and Operated: Yes
Qualifications: PhD
Service Delivery Format:
  • - Face-to-face
  • - Online forum/Group
  • - Phone
  • - Email
  • - Factsheet
  • - Website
Service Delivery Location:
  • - All of Victoria

Cost: Free
Opening Times: Normal Business Hours


Wheel Chair accessible
Hearing impaired
Sight Impaired
Cognitive Sensibility

How to contact us

Contact Name: Dr Catherine Barrett
Phone Number: 0429582237
Email Address:

Social media:

PO Box 1377
St Kilda
Victoria 3182
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