Ginger Cat Counselling


Affordable and convenient online counselling for adults and teenagers.  The world can be a difficult place to live in, and we all need help sometimes. And sometimes we need a cat video.

I am passionate about supporting teenagers and adults, especially those who deal with the impacts of trauma, who don’t feel good in the boxes society tries to fit us into, who are trying to make the world a better place, or are simply struggling to cope with events beyond our control. I named Ginger Cat Counselling after my own lovable eccentric, because it reminds me of the comfort and support I don’t always realise I have. You are the expert in your life, and its my job to help you figure out how to support yourself.
I offer affordable and convenient online counselling sessions on Coviu – the secure, high quality program created by the CSIRO and used by the Australian Government. I am trained in a variety of methodologies, but I don’t have a set way of doing things. Each client is different, and I will listen to you and we will work out a plan together.
Having a good relationship with your counsellor is vital, so you need to try people out before you commit. That’s why I’ve priced my initial session at $45, so we can get to know each other with less pressure. It’s important to trust your gut, and to keep looking until you find someone you feel really comfortable with. I would love to hear from you.

We are registered as: Sole Trader.

More details

LGBTIQ Owned and Operated: Yes
Qualifications: Diploma of Counselling
Service Delivery Format:
  • - Online forum/Group
Service Delivery Location:
  • - All of Victoria

Cost: $$$
Opening Times: 1745-2015 Monday, 1000-2015 Tuesday - Thursday, 1000-1730 Saturday


Wheel Chair accessible

How to contact us

Contact Name: Anine Cummins (they/them)
Phone Number: 0426 847 891
Email Address:

VIC 3000
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