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As a queer wheelchair user my training, workshops and keynotes centre on unpacking disability rights from an intersectional rights perspective utilising the social model of disability. I trouble the notion of ‘problem’ of disability being a personal/individual problem and instead show how it is in fact an issue of social justice and access. You will come away seeing the world differently with the tools to interrogate and address ableism. i provide guidance on how to make services and workplaces more accessible and diverse and how to embed access and inclusion in our thinking. I spend time unpacking some of the key barriers to accessing services for LGBTIQ people with disabilities and how can able people become agents for change to work towards a more inclusive society. I am a big believer that the personal is political, so i interweave all my work with personal stories to ground what i am saying as well as exploring how my experience is symptomatic of bigger systemic issues and i base this in the research on LGBTIQ people with disabilities particularly within an Australian context.

I also am an informative and engaging panel guest for events. I am a writer on LGBTIQ disability rights issues, and access and inclusion and am open to commission. I am a creative producer and performer with Quippings:Disiability Unleashed, a disability performance troupe in Melbourne. I provide lived experience access consultancy as a wheelchair user and am a fun and engaging MC for events.

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Jax Jacki Brown is a passionate advocate and activist committed to addressing the disadvantages people with disabilities face, particularly  LGBTIQ people with disability. Through their indefatigable work as a writer, workshop and forum presenter, guest lecturer, spoken-word performer and theatre producer, Jax aims to challenge disability stereotypes and spotlight serious issues for change. Jax works collaboratively with groups and organisations to lead and support change that empowers people with disabilities through equitable inclusion and performance in safe, accessible spaces. Jax is a graduate of Southern Cross University where their work focused on disability and LGBTIQ rights, providing a sound academic framework to affirm and explore their commitment to disability and social justice issues. Jax’s advocacy work is firmly based on the social model of disability which advocates for the removal of environmental and social barriers which prevent people with disabilities from participating equally in society.
[Image description: Jax is a white, mid 30’s manual wheelchair user. They sit in their black and red wheelchair wearing a black shirt with red water melons on it. They have on red glasses, short dark brown hair, pale green jeans, and black boots with rainbow laces. They are smiling at the camera].

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Qualifications: Jax is a graduate of Southern Cross University where their work focused on disability andLGBTIQ rights, providing a sound academic framework to affirm and exploretheir commitment to disability and social justice issues. They have 10 years experience working in LGBTIQ disability rights delivering training, workshops and keynotes in this specialised area.
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