Matilda Brown – Esoteric Art Therapy


Hello! I’m Matilda (they/she). As a human, I believe in connecting in reciprocity with the natural and “super-natural” for nourishment, healing & fulfilment.

As a facilitator, this shows up as a deep responsibility to honour the vastness & interconnectedness of life.

My offerings have thus emerged from my passion for
self-intimacy, my sensitivity to the unseen, and my drive to
co-create justice & balance for all beings and the planet.


My services include: 

✹ Esoteric Art Therapy
60 – 90 minute sessions that hold multi-layered space for your experiences, tending & nourishment. Creative expression, your birth chart and/or spiritual beliefs, talking, guided meditations & embodiment can each entwine in this space as you seek.

✹ Traditional Birth Chart Readings
We share a 60 minute portal together and co-explore your birth chart according to the insights or affirmation that you seek.

✹ Psychotherapeutic Birth Chart Readings
A 90 minute portal where we co-explore your birth chart while integrating embodiment, guided meditation/visualisation and other creative experiencing approaches to further invite the insights & support that you seek.

✹ Queering Spirituality Group Coming Soon
For those who experience curiosity or nourishment in the presence of their spiritual beliefs, but find the mainstream spiritual culture to not have inclusive language, ideologies or practices.

✹ Personalised Workshops & Programs
These facilitations have vast possibilities including esoteric art therapy for wellness, exploring one’s own chart through art therapy, exploring the transit astrology (such as new moons), and so much more.

You can find further insights into each of these offerings on my website at 

You might be seeking a space to…

✹ re-cultivate ways to tend to health & wellness

✹ further understand & honour your many identities & spheres of Self

✹ tend to experiences of trauma

✹ integrate your spiritual beliefs into your wellness practices

✹ embrace nature as a deeply healing relationship

✹ deepen your sense of interconnectedness within the world

✹ utilise your innate creativity in your wellness-tending

✹ learn & practice new ways of being

✹ experience value-aligned support & collaboration

✹ cultivate more richness in life


I relate to the need for value-aligned relationships
that fully see your magic.


I would love to
this space with you.

my signature…

✹ grounded presence & deep holding of space

✹ queer, decolonial & valuing of cultural sciences

✹ joyously witnessing your magic & multiplicity

✹ person-centred & consent-led

✹ embodied as a peer & collaborator

✹ honouring your emotional experiences

✹ trauma-informed practice

✹ practical & tangible support

✹ sustainability beyond the therapeutic space

It is my vision that in embracing our natural multiplicity, we can each embody our most alive & aligned lives — in turn creating collective transformation, together.

I looking forward to connecting with you when the time aligns.

We are registered as: Sole Trader.

More details

LGBTIQ Owned and Operated: Yes
Qualifications: Bachelor of Art Psychotherapy, Certificate in Trauma-Informed Expressive Therapies, Certificate in Seven Realm Arts, Certificate in Healing Sexual Trauma: Trauma-Informed Care (undergoing)
Service Delivery Format:
  • - Face-to-face
  • - Online forum/Group
Service Delivery Location:
  • - All of Victoria
  • - Melbourne CBD
  • - Metro North
  • - Metro East
  • - Metro West

Cost: Subsidised
Opening Times: Wednesday: 10am - 1pm // 6pm - 8pm

Thursday: 10am - 2pm on site
(Carlton North, Wurundjeri Country)

Friday: 2pm - 5pm

Saturday: 11am - 1pm // 2pm - 5pm


Wheel Chair accessible
Cognitive Sensibility

How to contact us

Contact Name: Matilda Brown
Email Address:

Social media:

605 Nicholson Street
Carlton North
Vic 3073
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