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Ready Vet Go is Australia’s only Pet Ambulance service with an Emergency Trained Veterinarian with your pet at all times. We provide critical care transport for pets with human-grade monitoring equipment, oxygen, emergency medications and more!

We offer at-home urgent care consultations to reduce stress for pets, reduce Veterinary Hospital waiting room times & free up your time – go about your day while you wait for us.

We provide all-inclusive urgent vet care for clients that aren’t able to get into the clinic & offer a referral process to guide you along the way. We aim to keep you at home by offering a pharmacy for urgent care illnesses, injuries and conditions, such as antibitoics, pain relief, anti-vomiting medication & more. With comparable pricing to emergency hospitals, as well as a brand new membership product to offset the costs even further – we aim to have vet care available for all.

If You Can’t Get Insurance, Then Get Reassurance! Ready Vet Go offers the same membership at the same price to every pet. With no limit on age beyond 8 weeks, for any breed, for every pre-existing condition. Be reassured that your pet can have access to the best care for a lower price, even when you aren’t insured.

Say Yes without the Stress! When your pet requires continuous oxygen, medical monitoring, ongoing infusions – you can say yes without the stress of increased costs with our memberships. Every membership offers a critical care transport up to the value of $1200 and much more.

Ready Vet Go has revolutionised how pet healthcare is delivered – literally! We make urgent vet care accessible for all. We are bridging the gap and bringing it full-circle for pets, clients, vet clinics and vet hospitals.

We are registered as: Company.

More details

LGBTIQ Owned and Operated: Yes
Qualifications: Emergency Trained Veterinarian
Service Delivery Format:
  • - Face-to-face
  • - Webchat
Service Delivery Location:
  • - Melbourne CBD
  • - Metro North
  • - Metro South
  • - Metro East
  • - Metro West

Cost: $$
Opening Times: Sunday 2pm - 12am
Monday - Thursday 4pm - 12am
Opening Hours to increase


Wheel Chair accessible
Hearing impaired
Sight Impaired
Cognitive Sensibility
Providing Urgent & Critical Care at-home and between hospitals. If humans deserve it, then so do our pets!

How to contact us

Contact Name: Nic Saunders
Phone Number: 0423095838
Email Address:

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Glen Iris
Victoria 3146
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