Victorian NPEP Service


The Victorian Non-Occupational Post Exposure Prophylaxis (NPEP) Service can assist people who have been exposed to HIV (either sexually or by injecting drugs) with the aim of reducing the risk of contracting HIV. This service provides information and advice for people seeking PEP. It provides PEP across Victoria in partnership with GPs and hospital services and assists people to find their closest PEP provider.

The service is clinically overseen by Alfred Health, but can be accessed throughout Victoria from HIV-specialist GP’s, emergency departments such as The Alfred’s Emergency & Trauma Centre (after hours and on weekends) and the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre. To find out where to access NPEP across Victoria or to speak to a nurse about your risk, contact the NPEP Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are a part of Alfred Health.

More details

Service Delivery Format:
  • - Face-to-face
Service Delivery Location:
  • - All of Victoria

Cost: Free
Opening Times: Normal Business Hours


Wheel Chair accessible

How to contact us

Phone Number: 1800 889 887

No physical address.