Golden Rainbow Thumbnail

Golden Rainbow special event – film screening of the Coming Back Out Ball Movie

Scoot & Sparkle poster features Western-themed iconography with a large rainbow backdrop with date, time and location included.

Scoot & Sparkle

Poetry for Pride poster with animated microphones surrounding the text of the date, time and location.

Poetry For Pride

Queer Narratives and the Law with Sam Elkin poster with keynote speaker, date, time and location.

Queer Narratives and the Law

Sam Elkin Headshot

Author Talk: Sam Elkin with Jasper Peach

Sam Elkin Book Launch

Celebrate IDAHOBIT with Sam Elkin

St Kilda Library IDAHOBIT Talk with Sam Elkin and Jasper Peach

“Detachable Penis: A Queer Legal Saga” – Sam Elkin in Conversation