Australian GLBTIQ Multicultural Council

(Level 1) AGMC is a national body that advocates for the rights of multicultural and multifaith LGBTIQ individuals and communities.

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Who we are

AGMC  is a peak body for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer individuals and community groups of multicultural and multifaith backgrounds.

AGMC’s vision is to live in a world without prejudice and discrimination on the basis on sexuality, sex, gender, race, culture, and religion in celebration of our diverse and unique identities.

AGMC’s mission is to advocate for the rights of multicultural and multifaith LGBTIQ communities through advocacy, research, education, and community events.

AGMC works alongside government agencies, LGBTIQ organisations, as well as multicultural and multifaith communities to ensure our voices are heard and not forgotten. AGMC is committed to work with diverse communities, including migrants, international students, refugee and asylum seekers, young people, and people with disability. AGMC believes that celebration of our identities can greatly improve our health and well-being while continuously challenging the persistence of stigma, prejudice and discrimination.

What we do

AGMC activities include:

  • Providing advice to government agencies, non-profit organisations, and community groups.
  • Conducting research projects that are ethical, decolonialised, and benefit the communities.
  • Delivering training on the unique needs of multicultural and multifaith LGBTIQ communities.
  • Influencing others through public speaking, conference attendance, and story telling.
  • Facilitating social events to bring communities together.
  • Publicising print and online resources on multicultural and multifaith LGBTIQ communities.
  • Organising conferences, public forums, and seminars to highlight the lived experiences and needs of multicultural and multifaith LGBTIQ communities.
  • Providing referrals to existing services, community groups, and agencies.