Minus18 aims to improve the health and wellbeing of, and provide a safe environment for, same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people in Australia, seeking to empower them to feel comfortable and confident in their sense of identity and assisting them to grow as happy, healthy individuals well into the future.

Queer couples on rooftop

Who we are

Minus18 is Australia’s organisation for LGBTI youth – smashing homophobia and transphobia through events, support and campaigns.

What we do

We run your favourite LGBTIQ youth events across Australia, with information and support available online.

We run your favourite LGBTIQ youth events across Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide as a place to meet other young people in a safe environment.

Minus18 offer Youth Workshops to help your young people undestand LGBTIQ inclusion and create projects of their own that champion diversity.

We offer Professional Development to help you support your LGBTIQ Clients And Team. Through understanding positive language & relationships, championing self expression and exploring the barriers that LGBTI people face, we provide the tools to challenge perspective and create inclusive and awesome spaces for everyone.