The Victorian Pride Centre Ltd calls for public tenders from time to time and enters into contracts for goods, works and services required to effectively meet the strategic objective of the organisation to effectively deliver Australia’s first Pride Centre to the Victorian and Australian LGBTIQ+ communities and allies.

The Victorian Pride Centre is committed to conducting its tender processes in a fair, open and transparent manner, while demonstrating the highest levels of integrity and probity throughout the process. The tender process is in accordance with the Victorian Pride Centre Procurement Policy.

Current Open Tenders

Philanthropy Attraction

Expressions of Interest are invited to develop and implement a strategy to attract funding for the Victorian Pride Centre from State and Federal Governments and from philanthropic trusts.

The Victorian Pride Centre has recently been identified by the Federal Cabinet for DGR status via federal legislation and it is timely for the VPC to have a strategy to attract grants. The VPC has Charitable status. The VPC needs financial support for a variety of operational and capital purposes.

The VPC Board wants to build relationships with potential philanthropic and government partners and is looking to a consultancy to identify sources of grants, build relationships and prepare grant applications and/or written material for prospective applications. This will be a short term consultancy to commence in July and be completed within the next two months.


More information can be sought from Jude Munro, Board Chair, VPC

Email: jude.munro@pridecentre.org.au

Mobile: 0419 393 690