Building Update – Taking Shape

The building team at Hansen Yuncken started back for the new year on January 13th 2020. The site works were slightly impacted during the first week by the bushfires, with poor and hazardous air quality. We acknowledge there has been an impact from the bushfires in our regional communities and it was heart-warming to see how many of our community pulled resources together in support during this time.   

Since then, works have commenced at an expected pace with the floor of level one now poured and the form work for level 2 about to begin. The final design for the rear facade will be signed off this week, at the same time internal tenancy designs are also being finalised. It is expected that the external structure of the building will be completed over the next few months. It’s an exciting time as we see the structure of the building appear above the street hoardings.   

The small team at Victorian Pride Centre are working hard on the operational plan for the building, including the framework to access the meeting room and co-working spaces. If you’re a member of community or interested in accessing the multipurpose spaces, register your interest here