Founders Finishing Line

once in a life time opportunity to invest in a LGBTIQ Centre 

Community members have a unique opportunity to personally invest in Australia’s first LGBTIQ Centre and become a Founder of the Victorian Pride Centre.  

The Founders (Investment) Fund was established in 2018 to receive vital investment funds required to create a safe permanent home for the LGBTIQ community at the Victorian Pride Centre. The Fund is a core component of The Victorian Pride Centre’s fundraising strategy and is pivotal at this stage of the Pride Centre’s journey. 

The Founders  Fund offers those with the financial means a unique opportunity to invest your capital and improve social outcomes for the Australian LGBTIQ community. Supporters invest in units of $25,000 and in 2037 the investment is paid based on a percentage of the value of the developed site or compound interest, whichever is greater.  

With the aim of achieving a total investment of $1 million in the Founders Fund by the Fund’s deadline on 30 November 2020 the Pride Centre has launched the Founders’ Finishing Line campaign to reach out to sophisticated supporters.  

Ian Gould (pictured) is one such supporter who has made the commitment to become a Founder. 

“I have been actively involved as a volunteer with various LGBTIQ organisations, starting with the Vic Aids Council  in the early 1980’s, including the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, Pride Foundation Australia and others. There have been many changes over this time, but what has not changed is our need to meet in-person, and share stories and life experiences with others ‘of our tribe’ or ‘people like us’. The Victorian Pride Centre is going to be a special part of Melbourne, because it will bring likeminded LGBTIQ people together as activists, to socialise, to learn about our history, and be part of the exciting future. It is these outcomes that motivated me to become a VPC Founders Fund member.” 

Invest your capital and improve social outcomes for the Australian LGBTIQ community! 

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