Gift Cards

These are the gifts you buy the 'Queers that have everything’.

We’ve almost finished building the Pride Centre and now comes the humungous task of fitting it out with all the essentials to make the building functional. Show your community spirit and buy a Gift of Pride for lovers, husbands, wives, colleagues, staff, bosses, parents, siblings, niblings, kids, mates and dates. When you buy an item from Gifts of Pride, we’ll email the e-card to your gift recipient and you. The e-card will state the Pride Registry item you have purchased for us on the receiver’s behalf.  Choose a kitsch card/item, type a personalised message, hit send and feel some warm fuzzies for generously supporting your community Pride Centre. 

Indoor Plants

Do you need to send a gift to a Queer plant parent? Look no further than this cute customisable e-card that purchases an indoor plant for the Pride Centre on the plant parents behalf! Cute right?

$35.00 each

Bike Racks

By gifting a dyke a bike rack at the Pride Centre, you’re supporting greener transit for our entire community.

$239.00 each

Chairs for the Multipurpose Space/Theatre

Purchase the Queen who has everything their very own throne to donate to the Pride Centre theatrette, accompanied by this sassy customisable e-card sent with just a few clicks for any occasion.

$99.00 each

Crockery Sets

Reach out to a friend you've been thinking about with this cute e-card and a personalised message by purchasing them a crockery set to use at the Pride Centre when it opens.  

$99.00 each

Desk Chairs for the Level 1 Co-Working Area

Send a cheeky, personalised e-card to someone special *wink* and purchase an office chair for community groups, start-ups and small business owners to use in the Pride Centre co-working space.

$199.00 each


Reach out to a friend to make a coffee date with this customisable e-card and donate a kettle to use at the Pride Centre on their behalf.

$79.00 each

Sandwich Press

Nothing says 'I think you're hot' like a cheesy personalised e-card and a sandwich press for the Pride Centre.  

$149.00 each

Serving Platters

Send a virtual hóngbāo red envelope this Chinese New Year with a personalised e-card that will donate a platter for use at Pride Centre events and in the kitchenettes.

$35.00 each

Set of 6 Water Glasses

Say ‘nup to plastic cups’ and YES to Queer marriage with the perfect engaygement/wedding gift. A set of 6 glasses for the Pride Centre to use upon opening.

$49.00 each

Stainless Steel Water Jugs

Who doesn't love a compliment and a warm fuzzy *wink*? Send this sassy e-card and gift a water jug for use at Pride Centre meetings and events.

$49.00 each


Spread some birthday love and send someone this queer, kitch, personalised e-card for their birthday whilst donating a toaster to help feed our hard working LGBTIQ+ community at the Pride Centre.

$79.00 each

* Where an item is secured or donated by a group, the group’s name, as agreed by the Victorian Pride Centre, will be displayed in the acknowledgements. All plaques will be designed according to the Victorian Pride Centre signage guidelines. The images displayed are not the actual items but indicative of items we aim to purchase. These items will belong to the Victorian Pride Centre.