Glitter Nova Event Postponement

Front of Victorian Pride Centre

The Victorian Pride Centre stands as a beacon of hope, a welcoming, respectful and inclusive place for all LGBTIQ+ communities. Every day we open and raise our rainbow flag is another day we celebrate pride. 

We wish to thank everyone for your support and understanding. It was extremely disappointing that the Stonnington Youth Services Glitter Nova event had to be postponed. Our children and young people deserve to come to the centre in a safe and respectful environment.

We have successfully hosted 100’s of events since opening and welcomed in our LGBTIQ+ communities and allies. We will be proud to host Glitter Nova when rescheduled.

We are a place of love and community connection that only last weekend celebrated the founding of the Gay Liberation movement 50 years ago. We continue to be humbled by the community’s embrace of their centre.

Yesterday, a hateful organisation sought to encourage people to protest at an event for 12 -24 year old young people, using hurtful slurs against our communities.  It is a stark and important reminder that more than ever we need safe and inclusive spaces where we can be our full and authentic selves.

When we seek to protect our communities, create safe spaces, come together and connect, we stand together against hate.

The Victorian Pride Centre prioritises the safety and security of its visitors and resident organisations, so that we can be a welcoming and inclusive space. We have established strong relationships with community stakeholders, and we thank Victoria Police and Council for working with us.

We can show support for our queer young people, and everyone in our LGBTIQ+ communities, when we are united in pride. 

If you need support, please contact: 

QLife (Nation-wide) 

1800 184 527 — 3pm to midnight, every day of the week
Webchat online — 3pm to midnight, every day of the week 

Rainbow Door (Victoria-wide) 

Phone — 1800 729 367
Text — 0480 017 246

Email —