Lifeview renews partnership with Victorian Pride Centre, highlighting the value of support and belonging for older LGBTIQ+ community members

Lifeview and VPC reps on stairs

January 19, 2023
Melbourne, Victoria

The Victorian Pride Centre (VPC) is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with Rainbow Tick-accredited residential aged care provider Lifeview.

Lifeview joined as a Foundation Partner in October 2019 to support VPC’s establishment and shine a spotlight on the challenges for older members of our LGBTIQ+ communities. Lifeview was the first private aged care provider to achieve Rainbow Tick accreditation and VPC is proud to continue its relationship for another three-year term.

Lifeview provides care and wellness in a supported social environment with homes designed to help people live active lives with plenty of social activities and community involvement. This, coupled with exceptional care and warm, welcoming environment, is what Lifeview is all about, and aligns with the two of VPC’s key values: support and belonging. 

As a holistic community hub, VPC offers spaces and opportunities for community connection and is home to resident organisations that provide health and community outreach services. Cultural, arts and media organisations also live within the building, and bring a range of exciting programming and resources together in the one place.

We are so excited to collaborate with Lifeview on new offerings for older LGBTIQ+ people, and to ensure that the Victorian Pride Centre is a welcoming and accessible place for everyone in our communities.

Peter Reilly OAM, Executive Director Lifeview:

“Lifeview’s partnership with the Victorian Pride Centre forms an important cornerstone in our connection with the older LGBTIQ community – offering education, guidance and access to inclusive care. Renewal of this partnership not only builds on the great work being done by the VPC but is an important alignment as we commence construction of Lifeview Marigold, Australia’s first LGBTIQ and friends aged care home, in Prahran in 2023.”

Justine Dalla Riva, CEO Victorian Pride Centre:“Our renewed partnership and continued collaboration with Lifeview will not only contribute to the financial sustainability of VPC as an organisation, but it will ensure we continue to develop our role as a place of support, belonging and connection – which is so vital for the health and wellbeing of our older LGBTIQ+ community members.”

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