Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation supports Connecting Pride at the Victorian Pride Centre

Stuart Kollmorgen from VPC and Karyn Bosomworth from Lord Mayors Charitable foundation stand in front of the pride centre on a sunny day pointing upwards. Stuart is wearing a rainbow shirt and Karyn is wearing black with a red cardigan. Photo Credit: Serge Thomann

Melbourne, Australia, 20 January 2021 – The Victorian Pride Centre is proud to be supported by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation with a grant for vital infrastructure to be installed at Australia’s first purpose built LGBTIQ+ Centre.

The Foundation’s Proactive Grants for Healthy and Resilient Communities seek to recognise the importance of strengthening community resilience to major social and health challenges. The grant of $50,000 toward Connecting Pride at the Pride Centre will provide digital and audio-visual infrastructure at the Victorian Pride Centre (VPC) to strengthen, resource and catalyse the LGTBIQ+ community by creating an exciting, multifunction hub which offers the benefits of digital connectivity.  

For over 97 years, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has made a real and lasting impact on the big challenges facing Melbourne. As these change over time, the Foundation monitors and researches current and emerging issues to prioritise and anticipate the needs of Melbourne.

The Victorian Pride Centre will be a centre which is loved by the LGBTIQ+ community and be a beacon of hope for future generations. Construction of the Pride Centre is nearing the last months of completion and fit out has commenced. Housing major LGBTIQ+ organisations the Pride Centre’s facilities will be a platform for social, cultural and organising activities for the LGBTIQ+ community.

The overall digital and infrastructure budget at the Pride Centre is budgeted at $181,888. Connecting Pride will optimise engagement and provide accessible technological services that will sustain the LGBTIQ+ community into the future.

Quotes attributed to Stuart Kollmorgen, Deputy Chair of the Victorian Pride Centre

“We are honoured to be supported by one of Australia’s leading philanthropic organisations. By supporting the Victorian Pride Centre, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has extended its support to all of Melbourne and its community. We look forward to working with the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation to create positive social change for all of the LGBTIQ+ community.” 

Quotes attributed to Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Chief Executive Officer Dr Catherine Brown OAM

 “We know that social connectivity, particularly with those with whom we feel a sense of community, is a significant influence on people’s health and resilience. Supporting the Pride Centre in having state-of-the-art digital infrastructure will help ensure the centre can really optimise their engagement and accessibility to support LGBTIQ activities on into the future.

“The Victorian Pride Centre will offer the Australian LGBTIQ community, for the first time, a safe haven for LGBTIQ people with their families, friends and allies to socialise, volunteer, work, network, organise, advocate, innovate, participate in and produce cultural events, and access vital services. It is something for us to celebrate as it supports the wonderfully diverse communities that make up our society.” 


Pictured: Stuart Kollmorgen, Deputy Chair of the Victorian Pride Centre, and Karyn Bosomworth, Program Manager Healthy & Resilient Communities at the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Image credit:  Serge Thomann

About the Victorian Pride Centre 

The Victorian Pride Centre is a unique initiative that celebrates, bolsters and protects equality, diversity and inclusion. It is set to forge a new chapter in the narrative of Australian Pride by bringing the LGBTIQ+ community together in a single and powerful space. It will be home to practical and supportive services as well as being an international tourist destination. The Victorian Pride Centre Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation structured as a company limited by guarantee.  


Please visit www.pridecentre.org.au www.facebook.com/vicpridecentre 

For further information contact Renee Thompson, Communications Coordinator 0415 726 262 or comms@pridecentre.org.au 

For Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation media enquiries, contact Suzanne Doig, Senior Manager Communications and Events 0421 4180 108 or Suzanne.doig@lmcf.org.au