NAB to Partner with the Victorian Pride Centre

Melbourne, Australia, 21 April 2021 – The Victorian Pride Centre is proud to announce the National Australia Bank (NAB) as a Founding Partner of Australia’s first and largest community owned Pride Centre. The Centre will rely on support through corporate partnerships in order to make it sustainable well into the future.

The Board of the Victorian Pride Centre aims to create a Centre which is loved by the LGBTIQ+ community and respected by the broader community with the physical building to be open to the public in May 2021 and occupied by a mix of commercial tenants, thriving LGBTIQ+ organisations and opening with a full calendar of events and programs.

NAB has a long-standing commitment toward the LGBTIQ+ community, both internally with the NAB Pride employee network and in supporting the wider LGBTIQ+ community. Events that NAB has supported include the Midsumma Festival in Melbourne, the Fair Day at Brisbane Pride and partnering with Pride Cup Australia to improve inclusion in sport.

The three-year partnership will see NAB contribute funds in addition to partnering on initiatives such as a LGBTIQ+ Leadership Program within its term to take place within the Victorian Pride Centre. 

Quote Attributed to Chair of the Victorian Pride Centre, Jude Munro.

“NAB has a history of leadership with the support of diversity in its workplaces and in the broader corporate world. The Victorian Pride Centre is committed to supporting LGBTIQ+ community leadership. We thank the NAB for their commitment to this partnership with the Pride Centre. Together we can achieve great things for the LGBTIQ+ community.”

Quote Attributed to Group Executive Personal Banking and NAB Pride Executive Co-sponsor, Rachel Slade.

“The Victorian Pride Centre will be more than just a building.  It will be a safe and inclusive space, fostering further collaboration and celebration of the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies.” 

“NAB proudly stands beside the Victorian Pride Centre as a founding partner, and most importantly as an ally to the LGBTIQ+ community.  We do this for our colleagues, our customers and the community.  We are excited to celebrate a first for Australia with the upcoming opening of the Victorian Pride Centre.”


IMAGES: (L to R) Kate Sowden, Lisa Wade, Justine Dalla Riva, and Rachel Slade.

Rachel Slade and representatives of the NAB Pride team recently joined Victorian Pride Centre CEO, Justine Dalla Riva on a tour of the soon to be completed centre scheduled to open in May 2021. 

Image credit: NAB Media

About the Victorian Pride Centre

The Victorian Pride Centre is a unique initiative that celebrates, bolsters and protects equality, diversity and inclusion. It is set to forge a new chapter in the narrative of Australian Pride by bringing the LGBTIQ+ community together in a single and powerful space. It will be home to practical and supportive services as well as being an international tourist destination. The Victorian Pride Centre Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation structured as a company limited by guarantee.  Please visit

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Victorian Pride Centre

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