Pride Gallery Launched

The Victorian Pride Centre launches Pride Gallery with identity, adornment, transformation.

The Victorian Pride Centre is thrilled to stage identity, adornment, transformation as the inaugural exhibition for the Pride Gallery, the only purpose-built gallery in Australia celebrating LGBTIQ+ culture and artists.

Curator Mish Eisen brings Indigenous LGBTIQ+ artists Jenna Lee, Clint Lingard, Paul McCann, Dylan Mooney and Peter Waples-Crowe together to create identity, adornment, transformation. The exhibition explores notions around discovery of identity, resonance of adornment and bearings of transformation from a LGBTIQ+ Indigenous contemporary lens.

The Pride Centre will provide opportunities for visual arts and archival display both in the Pride Gallery and in other suitable spaces in the Pride Centre. Visual arts programming will focus on art by LGBTIQ+ artists and/or art that focuses on LGBTIQ+ issues.

The exhibition is available for viewing by the public from 19 July, when the Pride Centre opens its doors to the public, till 9 September.

“We are delighted to launch the Pride Gallery with an exhibition celebrating the creativity and passion of Indigenous LGBTIQ+ artists. It is through the tenacity, belief and dedication of so many that we can proudly share this new Gallery with the LGBTIQ+ community and beyond”. Victorian Pride Centre Chair, Hang Vo