Mezzanine Room Furniture


Right next to the Australian Queer Archives (AQuA), this stylish and privately positioned Board Room sits 12 people. It will also serve as a viewing deck for the downstairs Multipurpose Space/Theatrette.

In order to make this room function to its best ability it needs a large board room table and 12 stylish, high quality chairs. It’s a beautiful shell that needs a Fab 5 makeover. Are you able to make that happen? 

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*Your generosity will be acknowledged on our website. Donations of $5,000 and over will be acknowledged on our Honour Board within the Pride Centre. Where an item of $9000 and above has been supported fully by you or your Giving Circle, your name or your group’s name will be, where feasibly possible, declared on a plaque on or near the item you have supported.*

Why this item is important to TPF Daylesford ChillOut Event

The Victorian Pride Centre stages events in its Forum and Theatrette, from Gallery Openings to music and theatre performances. The Mezzanine Room can be booked during these events for smaller groups to connect. The Pride Fund aims to book the Mezzanine Room as a VIP invitation only space for The Pride Fund donors and potential donors during select events. The Pride Fund therefore would like to support the Pride Centre's provision of furniture for the Mezzanine Room. Thank you for your support of this Giving Circle.

Our Donors

Stuart KOLLMORGEN17/02/2022$50.00
D Owen11/03/2022$50.00
Andrew Boyle13/03/2022$50.00
George Inkababian15/03/2022$50.00