Pride Connection


We want all visitors to be connected while at the Pride Centre. With freely available Wi-Fi, people can work, play and meet in all the common spaces at the Pride Centre, including the Rooftop Terrace, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and Board Rooms. Support the provision of free public Wi-Fi in common spaces at the Pride Centre. 

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The images given are indicative only. Image: Unsplash stock image. 

*Your generosity will be acknowledged on our website. Donations of $5,000 and over will be acknowledged on our Honour Board within the Pride Centre. 

Our Donors

Stuart Kollmorgen14/10/2021$250.00
Shu Das14/10/2021$100.00
Christophe Eymery14/10/2021$100.00
Sophie Dutertre14/10/2021$50.00
Jude Munro14/10/2021$250.00
Ruth Krawat14/10/2021$250.00
Kristen Walker14/10/2021$500.00
Rodrigo Reis14/10/2021$100.00
Hang Vo14/10/2021$250.00
FRANCO DICHIERA14/10/2021$100.00
Lisa Wang14/10/2021$50.00
Louise Howlett14/10/2021$50.00
Susie Montague15/10/2021$1,000.00
Benjamin Law03/11/2021$100.00
Ally Riches03/11/2021$25.00
Jason To03/11/2021$100.00
Stuart Kollmorgen03/11/2021$100.00
Bree McKilligan03/11/2021$25.00
Jennifer Naughton03/11/2021$100.00
justine Dalla Riva03/11/2021$100.00
Kathryn Joy03/11/2021$10.00
Judy Tang03/11/2021$250.00
Duy Huynh03/11/2021$50.00
Oliver Ross03/11/2021$30.00
Nicola Aken03/11/2021$100.00
Heshi Wijerathna03/11/2021$20.00
Rosie Lourde03/11/2021$100.00
Serena Hunt03/11/2021$100.00
Daniel Wong03/11/2021$100.00
Emma White03/11/2021$50.00
Robyn Lowe16/12/2021$50.00