Rooftop Garden Pavilion


The Pride Centre Rooftop will be THE events place for Melbourne’s LGBTIQ+ community, a perfect platform for parties, events, happenings, chilling and potentially community gardening. It’s a space of 1093m2 with spectacular views of Port Phillip Bay and the CBD.

To protect people from the elements an approximately 100m2 pavilion is proposed. This elegant pavilion, constructed of steel and polycarbonate sheeting, will be a stylish addition to the Pride Centre and will optimise the success of the Rooftop Terrace as an events space.

It’s a great opportunity for naming rights if you and your friends and/or associates would like to support the funding of the whole structure.

Support the campaign to install a Pavilion in honor of Ayman Barbaresco and Yvonne Gardner.

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*Your generosity will be acknowledged on our website. Donations of $5,000 and over will be acknowledged on our Honour Board within the Pride Centre. Where an item of $9000 and above has been supported fully by you or your Giving Circle, your name or your group’s name will be, where feasibly possible, declared on a plaque on or near the item you have supported.*

Why this item is important to The Yvonne & Ayman Giving Circle - Fundraising for the Barbaresco Gardner Pavilion

Ayman Barbaresco (who passed away in 2020) and Yvonne Gardner (who passed away in 2018) were brilliant and beloved members of our communities. They both gave so much to so many through their seemingly endless volunteer work with many LGBTQIA+ organisations - including many who will call the Victorian Pride Centre home - and they were friends to so many of us. They were at the heart of many of our communities, and so it will be a beautiful and fitting tribute that the new rooftop pavilion at the heart of the Victorian Pride Centre be named in their honour - a lasting and enduring memorial to these two magnificent people. As a place for our communities to gather, celebrate, and come together, we ask you to join with us and the Yvonne & Ayman Giving Circle to raise funds for the Barbaresco Gardner Pavilion. Mama Alto, one of the community members leading the Giving Circle, says: "Yvonne loved to host gatherings bringing people together - for community, for commiseration, for celebration. At community events, Ayman was always the first to arrive and the last to leave - helping with set up and pack up. They both did so much for our communities - and the beautiful Barbaresco Gardner Pavillon will continue their stunning legacies." The Pride Fund, a LGBTIQ+ charitable organisation, is joining forces with the VPC and Mama Alto to fundraise for this important infrastructure.

Our Donors

Brendan Hutchinson04/05/2021$250.00
Bree McKilligan18/05/2021$10.00
Mama Alto18/05/2021$500.00
Andrew Bell19/05/2021$100.00
Alex Callahan19/05/2021$30.00
Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli19/05/2021$50.00
Luka Ritter19/05/2021$20.00
Michael & Chris Lynch-Hube23/05/2021$250.00
Alex Creece24/05/2021$50.00
Sandro Cisco25/05/2021$100.00
Kath Cooney25/05/2021$50.00
bree mckilligan02/06/2021$5.00
Jude Munro02/06/2021$1,000.00
Shu Das07/06/2021$100.00
Rebekah Drake07/06/2021$25.00
Leighton Browne08/06/2021$100.00
Andrew Carnegie09/06/2021$1,000.00
Anonymous 10/06/2021$5,000.00
Jamal Hakim12/06/2021$500.00
Tony Osman13/06/2021$100.00
justine Dalla Riva15/06/2021$560.00
Scott Hartley15/06/2021$500.00
Stephen Barrow-Yu15/06/2021$1,000.00
Alan Shepherd16/06/2021$250.00
Will Randall16/06/2021$500.00
Jennifer Wolcott16/06/2021$250.00
Louise Kummrow16/06/2021$1,000.00
Patrick Kerrison16/06/2021$50.00
Tex Mckenzie17/06/2021$100.00
juliette Alush17/06/2021$100.00
Tim Peppard19/06/2021$500.00
Kaye Bradshaw Ro Allen21/06/2021$250.00
Dominique Horne21/06/2021$250.00
Merrin Wake21/06/2021$50.00
Brent Stevenson21/06/2021$100.00
Serge Thomann22/06/2021$100.00
Baburam Poudel23/06/2021$500.00
Karen From Finance23/06/2021$50.00
Rachel Shankland24/06/2021$25.00
Jess Hume25/06/2021$10.00
Stephen Game29/06/2021$500.00
Ian Johnstone29/06/2021$500.00
The Northern Trust Company29/06/2021$200.00
Andrew Stocker29/06/2021$1,000.00
Richard Robinson30/06/2021$100.00
Jake Deegan08/07/2021$100.00
Georgie Harman09/07/2021$250.00
Lincoln Brannan11/07/2021$44.00
Robyn Lowe11/07/2021$100.00
Sue Nevin13/07/2021$100.00
Tanya Williams14/07/2021$50.00
Robert Whitworth-Guy17/07/2021$50.00
Geraldine Quinn17/07/2021$50.00
Tiara Shafiq17/07/2021$10.00
Daniel Kilby17/07/2021$10.00
Ben Anderson18/07/2021$50.00
Susan McKemmish18/07/2021$500.00
Bradley Storer18/07/2021$10.00
Aaron Pidgeon18/07/2021$100.00
Clare O'Hanlon18/07/2021$50.00
Catherine Long18/07/2021$100.00
Kacper Glass19/07/2021$50.00
Nevo Zisin19/07/2021$100.00
Brenda Strudwick22/07/2021$250.00
Job Family23/07/2021$10,000.00
Anonymous 27/07/2021$10,000.00
Chris Rodda01/08/2021$50.00
Michael Monty01/08/2021$150.00
Jennifer Whelan06/08/2021$100.00
Gail Veal19/08/2021$500.00
Mel Stobbart15/09/2021$300.00
Rockie Stone06/10/2021$100.00
Janis Coffey18/10/2021$50.00