Transgender Victoria to be visible every day at the Pride Centre

Today on Trans Day Of Visibility and during a complicated time to be visible, the Victorian Pride Centre is proud to announce Transgender Victoria (TGV) as the next community organisation to set up an office at the centre.

The LGBTIQ community recognises that visibility is so important in raising awareness of discrimination faced by trans and gender diverse people worldwide, as well as a celebration of trans and gender diverse peoples contributions to society.

The Victorian Pride Centre Board Chair Jude Munro AO made the announcement on site at the Pride Centre. There was no handing over of a key just yet, but a great deal of pride in welcoming TGV to the Pride Centre.

TGV has been a leading body for advocacy, support, education, and resource development in Victoria for more than 20 years. Transgender Victoria is led by trans and gender diverse people for trans and gender diverse people and works closely with other service providers to ensure the best support for their community.

Quotes Attributed to Victorian Pride Centre Chair, Jude Munro AO

“The Victorian Pride Centre is proud to announce our first community organisation whose remit is solely to support the trans and gender diverse communities. Transgender Victoria has paved the way in this space and are doing most important work to educate and advocate on behalf of their community.”

Quotes Attributed to TGV Board Chair – Brenda Appleton

“We are delighted and excited to be joining other LGBTIQ community organisations and services at the Pride Centre.  We look forward to providing a safe and inclusive space for trans and gender diverse people and contributing to the Pride Centre leading the way in ensuring the current and future needs of LGBTIQ people are understood and addressed”.

Quotes Attributed to TGV Executive Director – Margot Fink

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to support even more trans and gender diverse people across Victoria through joining the Pride Centre. Being able to work closely with other amazing members of our community, and their organisations, to champion the rights of LGBTIQ people represents an exciting step”.


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About the Victorian Pride Centre

The Victorian Pride Centre is a unique initiative that celebrates, bolsters and protects equality, diversity and inclusion. It is set to forge a new chapter in the narrative of Australian Pride by bringing the LGBTIQ community together in a single and powerful space. It will be home to practical and supportive services as well as being an international tourist destination. The Victorian Pride Centre Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation structured as a company limited by guarantee.

About Transgender Victoria

Transgender Victoria is a leading body for trans and gender diverse advocacy, training, and resource development in Victoria. We work to achieve justice, equity and inclusive service provision for trans and gender diverse people, their partners, families and friends. We are dedicated to championing social change and legal rights to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse people.


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For further information contact Justine Dalla Riva, Acting CEO 0429 979153 or

For TGV media enquiries, contact Sally Goldner, Media Spokesperson, 0407 946 242 or