Victorian Pride Centre welcomes Port Phillip’s marriage equality support

The Victorian Pride Centre today welcomed the City of Port Phillip’s latest efforts to support marriage equality.

This week, City of Port Phillip Council unanimously decided to light up the Town Hall in rainbow colours and to urge state and federal MPs to make marriage equality a reality. It will also investigate painting four pedestrian crossings in the Fitzroy Street area in rainbow colours.

Victorian Pride Centre Board Chair Jude Munro AO said, ‘In February, we were delighted to accept Port Phillip’s fantastic $13 million contribution of a Fitzroy Street site for Australia’s first LGBTI community centre. With council’s support, our community will have its own home, forever.’

‘Council has been a longstanding supporter of the LGBTI community, including having supported the Pride March since its inception 22 years ago. Now those bonds are being made even stronger by council’s stand in support of marriage equality.

‘As the City of Port Phillip has affirmed, respect for diversity and equal treatment before the law are important for all people, not just LGBTI people. Council has taken a strong stand against homophobia and for fairness and inclusion.

‘Although the Pride Centre Board find the so-called “postal survey” odious and a rigged effort to fix a result, Australians see this as a vote not just on marriage equality but on the national values of fairness, respect for diversity and a fair go — and on the joy of celebrating love between people. It’s unAustralian to shirk a fight and our community doesn’t intend doing so. We thank the City of Port Phillip for standing beside us, as they have long done.’

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