Your Home – Our Home campaign launched

One half of house one half of Pride Centre with Pride Flags Flying

The Victorian Pride Centre is building pride in our community brick by brick. Today they launched their Your Home – Our Home fundraising campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness amongst LGBTIQ communities and allies of an innovative way they can make a contribution to the Pride Centre.

The Victorian Pride Centre (VPC) has partnered with Bank Australia so when supporters switch their home loan or take out a new loan, Bank Australia will contribute 0.4% of the value of the loan to the Pride Centre, at no cost to them.

Jude Munro AO, Chair of the VPC said, “We are pleased to be partnering with Bank Australia to create a no cost option for LGBTIQ communities to financially contribute to building the Pride Centre. We want the Pride Centre to be truly owned by our community and we have implemented a range of innovative fundraising strategies that will assist in making this a reality, without impacting on existing organisations.”

Bank Australia is the official lender for the VPC in a unique partnership that’s benefitting both organisations.

Through their partnership with the VPC, Bank Australia has increased their commitment to inclusive practice, to changing their systems to better reflect the diverse and vibrant LGBTIQ community, and supporting their staff-led Pride network – GLOW – which has over 60 members.

The campaign will run on JOY, Star Observer and across social media platforms. In an ever increasing and competitive market for donations, the VPC is looking at ways in which all members of the LGBTIQ community can feel a sense of ownership in the Pride Centre.

“Funding and loan financing have been secured and we have begun building works. Next is building a strong foundation for the ongoing sustainability of the Pride Centre,” said Ms Munro.

To learn more about this opportunity visit

The VPC recognises that not all members of the LGBTIQ community own a home or are in a position to switch their loans. The VPC encourages members of the community to reach out to friends, family and allies and has a range of other ways community can get involved and support. Visit get-involved for more details.