Community leaders come out in support of Victorian Pride Centre

Members and Allies of the LGBTIQ community celebrate equality

Now is the time to pledge your commitment to the most exciting addition to the Australian LGBTIQ landscape that this generation will see. The Victorian Pride Centre will forge a new chapter in the narrative of Australian Pride by bringing the LGBTIQ community together in a collaborative multi-purpose space.

The Pride Centre is a unique initiative that celebrates, enables, nurtures and protects equality, diversity and inclusion. It will become the most loved, well known, well-resourced and visited home for the LGBTIQ community in Australia.

Phillip Adams, Artistic Director of BalletLab at Temperance Hall is excited that “Melbourne is on the threshold of establishing a Victorian Pride Centre that will be of world class standing in support of LGBTIQ communities. The Victorian Pride Centre is to be a cultural expression of our Australian LGBTIQ communities past present and future. As an LGBTIQ artist and leading voice in the Victorian arts sector I am deeply inspired by the response from our creative industries in recognising the importance of investment into creating an absolute legacy for LGBTIQ community services and culture.”

Since the announcement of the successful architectural design outcome for the Pride Centre, there’s been plenty happening behind the scenes to ensure that the project keeps moving toward the completion date of late 2020 without delay.

The Victorian Pride Centre is proud to have the support of all levels of government. With the Victorian State Government contributing 15 million in funding and the City of Port Phillip through contribution of the site. In addition, the Federal Government has granted the Pride Centre DGR status, making donations tax deductible. We now seek the support of the Victorian and Australian LGBTIQ community and allies to raise a further $7.5M so that our vision becomes a reality.

Victorian Pride Centre launches into next exciting phase of growth

Resources committed by Local, State and Federal Government to date represent the majority of the cost of the project. The remaining funds needed to finish the job will be resourced by and from our own community. This is no small undertaking and the Pride Centre Board is working hard to ensure that our obligations to the project are met appropriately. Investments from future tenants are being secured and negotiations with other investors and financiers are well underway.

VPC Chair, Jude Munro, is confident that, “with the continued support of allies, our LGBTIQ community, Government and philanthropy we will raise the remaining $7.5 million needed to fill the gap.”

All financial contributions to the project will be an investment in diversity and the ongoing strength of our community. We have now opened up opportunities for everyone to stake a claim in the success of the Pride Centre, whether it be by joining the Pride Club or buying into the bricks and mortar of the centre as a Foundation Unitholder Investor.

Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia (GALFA), Dr Ruth McNair says that “donating to the Victorian Pride Centre provides a wonderful opportunity to contribute to creating LGBTIQ history in Australia. The VPC is an Australian first, a dedicated meeting place, host to vital community organisations and showcase for LGBTIQ talent and diversity. The more LGBTIQ people support the centre, the greater it will become.”

How you can contribute

The Victorian Pride Centre needs your financial contribution to get over the line. You can join the Pride Club for an annual contribution of $50 for waged persons, $20 for unwaged persons or for a contribution of $100 you can join the ranks as a Cornerstone Supporter. Your contribution, at whatever level, will give you a personal claim toward the success of the Pride Centre and an acknowledgement of your commitment to the continued delivery of vital LGBTIQ community services.

The Victorian Pride Centre is proposing a plan to offer a limited number of Founder Unitholder investments of $50k. This is your opportunity to invest in the Victorian Pride Centre. Approximately 100 Foundation Memberships will be offered. Your investment will provide critical financial support to the development of the Pride Centre right now, when we need it, and will be converted to a right to share in the value of the building as it matures, secured by a mortgage. Your commitment will make the Victorian Pride Centre a place where our LGBTIQ community will continue to thrive into the future.

For Stuart Kollmorgen, Deputy Chair of the Victorian Pride Centre, Foundation membership means 20 years of connection to what he believes will become the loved home of our community, “a place for my passionate capital to be invested. It’s nice to think that the more I commit to the Pride Centre, the more successful it becomes, and the more my investment can grow,” he says.

Further, a Pride Patrons Program will be launched as we get closer to opening the building. Individual donations through our Patrons Program will be essential to bolstering connections throughout the ranks of our community. Patrons will have the opportunity to support identified need and facilitate outcomes that will have rewards for the entire community.

To find out more, ask for our Information Memorandum by contacting the Fundraising Director at

Lisa Watts, Executive Director of The Conversation says that “the Pride Centre will be a place that will belong to all of us. Becoming a donor will help make it possible for the whole community to come together to share ideas, collaborate and celebrate our diversity. It will be a legacy for future generations. Make a gift and let’s help each other be a stronger community.”

Great things are happening in the LGBTIQ space and will continue to do so, with encouragement and support from and for our community and its allies.

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