Preserving our past and securing our future

Young people gather together against homophobia

The Victorian Pride Centre will house, amongst other key LGBTIQ organisations, the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) and Minus 18. The coming together of these two vital community resources will have the effect of preserving our past and nurturing our future.

To realise this vision, Nan McGregor, former President of the Victorian Chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) urges “all of the community to lend their financial support to the Pride Centre so that the LGBTIQ community is ensured of a safe and inclusive place for many years into the the future.” During her time with PFLAG Nan “was conscious of the sense of pride which was engendered within the LGBTIQ community, particularly from the Minus 18 group and the groups for the more senior members of the community. It was due to this sense of worth in their place in the wider world that they could stand proudly with heads held high.”

Supporters of the Victorian Pride Centre will create similar opportunities for thousands of young and senior people. As a supporter you can stand proud knowing that you are making it easier for people to come out, for people to find a connection and for people to reach their full potential, no matter their time in life.

Angela Bailey, ALGA President is confident that “in moving to the Victorian Pride Centre there is fantastic opportunity for ALGA to further engage with groups from our communities including the youngest group in the house – Minus 18 – who are already legends and leaders in our community. There is great insight to be gained from inter-generational discussion on shared experiences, both current and historical”, says Angela.

The Victorian Pride Centre will celebrate and nurture equality, diversity and inclusion. It will forge a new chapter in the narrative of Australian pride by bringing the LGBTIQ community together, in a collaborative multi-use space.

Nick Henderson, Committee Member, Curator, and Archivist at ALGA says that “the Pride Centre will be a game changer for us and many other under-resourced community groups, providing a permanent expanded place to house, access and display our collections for the benefit of all our communities.”

Your support of the VPC will go directly to building facilities required by resident LGBTIQ community organisation such as ALGA and Minus 18.  In addition, you will help create a vibrant contemporary home to our community that can be accessed and enjoyed by all.

Micah Scott, the CEO of Minus 18 is excited that “the Pride Centre will foster a strong sense of belonging between young people and the broader LGBTIQ community, connecting us with incredible organisations that we can access and become a part of. The most exciting dream we have for the Pride Centre is as destination for all young people, not just LGBTIQ youth, who can come to learn about our community and participate in Minus18 workshops that tackle bullying and inspire them to support their LGBTIQ peers.”

Opportunities like this only come around once in a lifetime. In supporting the Victorian Pride Centre you can leave a unique legacy ensuring that our LGBTIQ history continues to be preserved, expanded and to be resourced by future generations.

This is your legacy for our future. You can show your support in several ways. Get involved and contribute today.