Growing Pride – A Green Oasis at the Pride Centre

The Pride Centre and project partner Thorne Harbour Health were recently successful with all three grants submitted to the City of Port Phillip for a community garden on the Pride Centre rooftop terrace.

The grants, totalling $15,790, will enable the project Growing Pride to bring together the LGBTIQ community to begin design and construction of a community garden. The garden will be a place for Pride Centre visitors and residents to relax by and provide a point of community connection both informally and through facilitated eco activities, creating an opportunity for people to connect, grow friendships and affinity, engage and learn about nature, and, for those experiencing discrimination, find healing in nature,  literally ‘growing pride’.

Thank you to Son Vivienne who initiated the project and co-authored the submission. Many thanks to the Paul Banguay Studio – Paul, Emile and Kent – who quickly and generously supported our submission by developing a Concept Plan for the garden.

We will keep you posted as to when Growing Pride will commence and you can get your green fingers dirty!

Image: Hannah Sibayan Via Unsplash